Waenzi Wazuri Bashida BEBI Bint Layli

Tsavos Hunter Especially for you LAYLI

Umzingeli Al KHALILA Bint Yakari
12.12.2006 – 30.08.2020

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We started breeding with our Khalila in 2006, when our children were still quite young. We certainly had our doubts as to whether it would work with three children and a 13-week-old puppy. But in fact it was no problem, as our Khalila stoically accepted our children’s somewhat stormy displays of affection. She really lived up to her wonderful name KHALILA – GOOD FRIEND.

Khalila’s mother JAKARI came from a very old Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding line of the renowned breeder Verena Täuber with her kennel UMZINGELI. Mrs. Margit Firsching took over the kennel and continues to run it successfully.

From the same line we got our beautiful Tsavos Hunter Especially for you LAYLI from Mrs. Barbara Appel from Fürth. Our Layla was heaven and purgatory for our Khalila.

Layli got her 1st litter 2021 from the wonderful male Tunapendana ADIA AYO. From this litter we finally kept our Waenzi Wazuri Bashida BEBI and are overjoyed with our little, big lady.